•  Roast: 8
  • Altitude: 1,200 - 1,400 meters
  • Regions: Central Valley, Western Valley
  • Flavor Notes: Apple, Dark Chocolate, Wildflowers
  • Arabica Varietals: Catuai
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed  
  • All our prices are in US Dollars


In order to create the perfect espresso, specially roasted premium beans with specific qualities are essential.

There are two main methods by which we enjoy coffee: infusion and extraction. Infusion is what occurs when you brew coffee, allowing the grounds and water to fuse together. Espresso is made through extraction, a more scientifically delicate process of creating a coffee whose best flavors can be extracted and enjoyed in a matter of seconds.

Using a house blend of plump, premium beans from the Central and Western Valley regions of Costa Rica, we’ve concocted a mildly acidic espresso that yields a rich and foamy crema. As our darkest roast, the flavor notes of dark chocolate are undeniable. Coupled with undertones of apple and wildflowers and aromas of fruit, lightly toasted bread, and caramel, it’s no wonder why this blend is one of our best sellers, not only in the US but also in local coffee shops around Costa Rica.

After our creation of the Costa Rican Dark and Light Roasts, we roasted a small amount of espresso to introduce to the Costa Rican public. At the time, the espresso scene was more limited to Italy and Europe and because of this, there were few coffee shops around San Jose that had a machine and could prepare an espresso. Not letting this deter us, we took it upon ourselves to teach the Costa Rican public to prepare, drink, and enjoy espresso and to this day, you will find well-known coffee shops using our espresso blend for their café drinks. We are confident the experienced and dabbling coffee drinkers alike will be pleasantly surprised at how smooth and enjoyable our espresso blend is.